Ed Fringe Producer List 2020


Are you a producer looking for the opportunity to produce a show at one of the biggest arts festivals in the world? Or an artist on the look out for one? Well Ed Fringe has got you covered!


There are many different roles involved in taking up a show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. From writers, to directors, to performers but the unsung heroes are the producers.


Negotiating contracts, handling scheduling and keeping that budget tight, producers organise it all with lightening efficiency!


Sometimes, it can be difficult for producers and artists to find each other, so that’s where Ed Fringe gets involved!






They’re taking applications for their 2020 Fringe Producer list – a free annual directory of producers and producing companies for artists to use to find people to help put on their Fringe show.

So, want to be on the 2020 Fringe Producer List? Click the button below to sign up, free of charge!



Producer List Application

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