How to Apply for Fringe 2020


So, you’re thinking about taking a show up to the Fringe? Well, here at PQA Venues booking a performance space couldn’t be easier!


This handy guide will take you through our Ed Fringe application process step by step – making it really clear what we need and giving you the best chance of being programmed at PQA Venues!


Feel free to have the application form open whilst you read through, the form can be found here:


Application Form



1. Contact Information

Firstly, tell us your company name and your main company contact. The best person to choose is someone who: has access to your show information, checks their emails regularly and is (preferably!) an organisational whizz. They will be the person who will be sent mandatory forms (such as contracts, technical requirements, artwork templates etc) so this should be someone who will get these done! Never fear if organisation isn’t your forte, we will give you lots of time (and reminders!) to make sure you hit deadlines.


2. Social Media

Next is your social media handles: don’t worry if you or your company don’t have these yet, you can add them later! Putting them on the form (if you have them) is a great idea so we can help promote your show early.


3. Show Information

Then you’re onto the most important part, telling us about your show! It’s really important to be as detailed as you can so we can make sure that:


        1. You’re in the best space for that type of show (for instance, there’s no point trying to put a 10 strong dance troupe on in Q3, but a stand-up show would be perfect)
        2. We can actually put on your show (we can’t accommodate shows with open flame as an example!)
        3. We are aware of any adult themes so to programme accordingly


The more detail you give us the more we can help you out. Please don’t worry if your show has adult themes, it doesn’t mean we won’t programme you! However, you must disclose anything that could be deemed adult content, so we know how to market and programme your show. Failure to disclose could lead to your show being pulled, and no one wants that!


4. Spaces and Times

And finally, put in your timings and performance space preferences: Q1 (80-100 seats), Q2 (54-60 seats) and Q3 (20-25 seats). If you want more information on any of the spaces the button below will take you to the relevant pages. The more flexible you can be the more likely we can programme you in, however, we’ll always try our hardest to give you your first choices!





5. Submit!

Have a quick double check of all your information, submit your application to us, then have a well-deserved cuppa as a job well done!


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