Author: Alice Benton

Slots Still Available!

If you are still looking for a venue for Edinburgh Fringe 2019, then we just might have you covered! We have the […]


The Funniest of the Fringe

Fun fact: over one third of the thousands of shows performed at the Edinburgh Fringe are comedy, with some of the best […]


The Royal Mile

When you think of Edinburgh, you think of the cobbled streets, alleyways and nooks and crannies that wind around the city. You […]


About PQA Venues

About PQA Venues PQA VENUES is the provider of high-quality performance and rehearsal spaces in London and Edinburgh. Here is a little […]


Edinburgh Fringe Myths Debunked

The legendary Edinburgh Fringe can seem noisy, hectic, and frankly a little mad, in all the best ways. However, with all the […]


Our Top 10 Fringe Facts

We’re counting down our top 10 favourite facts about the Edinburgh Fringe! Starting with…. TEN The Fringe is just 1 of 10 […]